etiQit is a social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that provides students with skills and strategies promoting social emotional health and personal safety in both face-to-face (F2F) and online interactions. Read on to learn about this modern approach to SEL, and its unique scope and tech-savvy student appeal which set it apart from any other SEL program currently available.

  • Scope: Like other SEL programs, etiQit’s curriculum derives many of its skills and strategies from the CDC’s National Health Education Standards, with an emphasis on the standards for grades 5 through 9. However, etiQit’s scope goes beyond these standards to specifically focus on the development of two unique SEL traits: resiliency and school connectedness. Why these traits? Interestingly, both resiliency (the ability to cope and ‘bounce back’ from adversity or loss) and school connectedness (students’ feeling of being valued and supported in their school community) have been identified repeatedly by current research as skills that are lacking in young people involved in school violence, bullying, and suicide. Specifically, a lack of resiliency has been identified as one of the only characteristics consistently shared by young school shooters, and has been a factor common in youth suicides. A lack of school connectedness has also been shown to contribute significantly to students’ involvement in school violence, as well as increased involvement in bullying and suicide.

    etiQit endorses the belief that SEL can help prevent bullying, school violence, and youth suicide through education, and offers teachers no-prep, easy-to-implement materials focusing on specific social emotional skills and strategies designed to help students:

    • build resiliency and school connectedness
    • develop and grow healthy relationships and support systems
    • learn when to ask for help
    • work towards improving personal safety and overall social emotional health
  • Student Appeal: The tech-driven world we live in requires students to learn a modern set of social strategies in order to maintain healthy relationships and personal safety. That’s why etiQit offers face-to-face (F2F) and online strategies in each Qit, designed to promote students’ social emotional health and safety in both online and in-person scenarios. Unlike any other social emotional programs, etiQit embraces the modern, tech-savvy nature of today’s young people with a curriculum that uses technology, social media, apps, pop culture, and music to generate student interest and a sense of relatability. etiQit is written with an informal tone and infused with urban language and pop culture references to engage students, while keeping content appropriate and conducive to learning.

Want to learn more? Check out etiQit’s extensive faQ Guide or view the “What is etiQit” video, designed to get students interested in etiQit.