etiQit currently offers over 30 mini-units, or as we like to call them, Qits, each focusing on one specific social emotional skill or strategy. Click on the individual material names below to see a highly-detailed visual sample of each material included in every Qit:

  • Mini-Lesson: this content-rich heart of every Qit comes in two formats (an interactive, full-color Prezi and an infographic-style printable) and introduces the specific social emotional skill of focus, face-to-face and online strategies to develop the skill, vocabulary words, a writing activity, and more
  • Worksheet: designed to help review and reinforce concepts presented in the Mini-Lesson, this material is uber flexible, perfect for use as a companion to the Mini-Lesson or as a group work activity, homework assignment, or quiz following the Mini-Lesson
  • Strategy Practice Activity: it’s the Goobs’ time to shine in this fun short-answer activity, which helps students gain a deeper understanding of the strategy they just learned in the Mini-Lesson by seeing two Goobs applying that strategy to a problem or challenge they are facing
  • Extension Activity: the show-stopping design of this activity (featuring apps, music, puzzles, social media and other trends popular with young people) has major appeal to students, whose understanding of the concepts learned in the Mini-Lesson will be reinforced and extended with new examples and applications
  • Writing Activity: students will reflect on the concepts learned throughout the Qit and apply those concepts to their own personal experiences in this writing activity, which can be used to encourage lively group discussions, but is also the perfect tool for individual assessment
  • Real-Life Challenges Activity: through a fun checklist of challenges, this final student material of the Qit helps students apply the concepts and strategies they’ve learned to their own lives so that they may see and experience the strategies “in action”
  • Answer Key: packed full of information, this super organized guide provides answers to both the objective and subjective activities in the Qit as well as tips and instructions for use

Want to test run a Qit free of charge to check out all the materials for yourself? We’ve got just the ticket! Download etiQit’s fantastic (and free!) sample: Qit 8: Being an Upstander. (Note: A TeachersPayTeachers account is required for download.)

Looking for a complete list of the skills taught in each Qit? Check out etiQit’s complete list of Qits for more information.