This isn’t your typical Answer Key – – it’s packed full of information and ideas! Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

  • A super organized and straightforward listing of all objective answers (short-answer, puzzles, matching, fill-ins, etc.)
  • Incredibly thorough sample answers (which work great as read-alouds!) to the Qit’s more open-ended, subjective questions
  • Detailed info and instructions about a Qit’s QR Code Activity (when applicable)
  • A robust explanation of the Real-Life Challenges Activity, along with many creative and diverse suggestions for use.
  • Online resources or activities that can be used to introduce or extend the Qit (included on occasion)

    Check a sample of the Answer Key from our fantastic FREE product, Qit 8: Being An Upstander, shown below.

    etiQit Answer Key 1 Key Features

    etiQit Answer Key 2 Key Features

    etiQit Answer Key 3 Key Features

    The Answer Key is the final material in all Qits. To view a complete list of the materials included in all Qits, click here.