etiQit currently offers over 30 mini-units, or as we like to call them, Qits, each focusing on one specific social emotional skill or strategy. You can purchase Qits individually, or at a discount by buying a Bundle, which contains three Qits of related topics sold together. For more details on the Qits and Bundles available, check out the complete product list below, or visit etiQit’s TpT Store Page.

Decision-Making Bundle: Social Pressure, Risk-Taking & Healthy Choices
Self-Concept Bundle: Goals, Values, Body Image & Confidence
Communication Bundle: Staying Assertive, Fair & Under Control
Bullying Bundle: Identifying, Coping & Prevention Strategies
Empathy Bundle: Connectedness, Inclusion & Support
Fueling Social Change Bundle: Prejudice, Stereotypes & Injustice
Conflict Resolution Bundle: I-Statements, Compromises, and Mediation
Resiliency Bundle: Coping With Adversity, Depression & Stress
Emotion Management Bundle: Triggers, Negative Emotions, and Rejection

Individual Qits:
Qit 1: Amping Up Your Resiliency (Coping Skills for Recovering from Stress & Adversity)

Qit 2: Recognizing When To Ask For Help (Understanding Symptoms of Depression & Suicide)
Qit 3: Being a Dynamic Social Citizen (Strategies to Promote Connectedness & Inclusion)
Qit 4: Bringing Compassion Back (Promoting Connectedness Through Empathy)
Qit 5: Being a Supportive Friend (Using Empathy and Rebuilding Self-Worth)
Qit 6: Differentiating Teasing From Bullying (Understanding Social Bullying)
Qit 7: Coping with Bullying Thru Friendship (Seeking Support and Rebuilding Self-Worth)
Qit 8: Being an Upstander (When and How to Stand Up to Bullying) This FREE Qit has been downloaded over 3,000 times!
Qit 9: Recognizing the Bully in Yourself (Changing Impulsive & Self-Absorbed Behaviors)
Qit 10: Managing Impulsive Behavior (Decompressing & Recovering from Emotional Hijack)
Qit 11: Convincing vs Threatening (Strategies for Healthy & Fair Negotiating)
Qit 12: Communicating Assertively (Healthy Verbal & Nonverbal Approaches)
Qit 13: Assessing Positive Risks (Strategies for Healthy Decision-Making)
Qit 14: Assessing Negative Risks (Strategies for Healthy Decision-Making)
Qit 15: Respecting Differences (Embracing Diversity and Speaking Out Against Prejudices)
Qit 16: Debunking Gender Stereotypes (Recognizing & Avoiding Sexist Behavior) 

Qit 17: Discovering Who You Are (Applying Values and Goals to Decision-Making)
Qit 18: Flipping Your Beauty Perspective (Improving Body Image & Exposing Media Tactics)
Qit 19: Nurturing a Positive Self-View (Boosting Confidence & Believing in Yourself)
Qit 20: Earning Respect By Being Yourself (Forging Genuine & Healthy Relationships)
Qit 21: Initiating New Friendships (Standing Up to Social Pressure)
Qit 22: Solving Problems Creatively (Strategies for Staying Positive & Finding Solutions)
Qit 23: Shaking Up the Status Quo (When & How to Fight for Change)
Qit 24: Being a Collaborative Leader (Strategies for Group Work Success)
Qit 25: Keeping Your Stress in Check (Healthy Strategies for Stress Management)
Qit 26: Resolving Conflicts Peacefully (Using I-Statements, Active Listening & Empathy)
Qit 27: Negotiating a Compromise (Strategies for Agreeing on a Win-Win Solution)
Qit 28: Making Peace Thru Mediation (Strategies for Resolving Difficult Peer Conflicts)
Qit 29: Tackling Emotional Triggers (How to Identify, Reframe, and Cope With Triggers)
Qit 30: Keeping Your Emotional Cool (Staying in Control & Taking Action to Feel Better)
Qit 31: Recovering From Rejection (Safe and Healthy Ways to Heal, Grow, and Move On)

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