The Real-Life Challenges Activity is the last student material in each Qit, and was inspired by an etiQit customer who loved the format of the Qits, but was looking for a way to help her students apply the concepts and strategies they’ve learned throughout the Qit to their own lives, so that they may see and experience the strategies “in action.” This activity does just that! By providing students with a checklist of skills and strategies, the Real-Life Challenges Activity helps create an awareness in students as they look for the right situations and opportunities in their lives to apply what they’ve learned. This activity, therefore, is less about students getting the “right answers,” and more about them recognizing the value of the strategies they’ve learned, and seeking opportunities to independently use those strategies to make healthy decisions in their own lives.

Check out the Writing Activity from our fantastic FREE product, Qit 8: Being An Upstander, shown below.

etiQit Real-Life Challenges Printable Activity Key Features

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