Research points to a lack of social emotional skills in young adults as a major contributing factor to school violence, bullying, and youth suicide. While most teachers agree that integrating social emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom would help, investing the time and prep work to do so wasn't feasible...until now.

Enter etiQit: a fresh, modern, SEL solution offering low-prep, download-and-use materials that require as little as 15 minutes of class time to complete. Watch this video to learn more.
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  • piQue student interest
    etiQit has composed the ultimate SEL mash-up by infusing materials with interactive activities featuring technology, social media, apps, music, and pop culture. And to those students who think SEL is just a snoozefest, we say: bring it.
  • eQuip teachers with social swagger
    From worksheets full of texts and tweets to Prezis and playlists infused with pop culture, etiQit arms teachers with modern resources that will leave students wanting more... and wondering when their teacher became so cool.
  • acQuiesce with research
    With a unique scope and approach to SEL, etiQit materials focus on developing the skills and perspectives young adults need to thrive in school, relationships, and life, while also promoting personal safety and emotional health.
  • reQuire little prep time
    Designed for the modern teacher on-the-go, etiQit materials are easy to download, print, and use with very little prep time. Products can be used in any order, and a variety of formats (from Prezis to printables) provide ultimate flexibility.