At etiQit, we’ve worked hard to develop extremely unique, high-quality materials to enhance student learning, and ask our customers to please use common sense and respect in the use of etiQit materials. In short, this means:

  1. Only reproduce etiQit materials for a single class or home setting.
  2. Do not share private links or passwords to etiQit digital materials (such as Prezis) OR any etiQit digital materials included in the PDF you downloaded from TPT in any of the following ways: on blogs or teaching websites, via email, social media, file-sharing sites (including servers) or any other electronic sharing device. The private links, passwords, and purchased etiQit materials are intended only for use by the purchaser of the materials.
  3. Preview all materials to ensure age-appropriateness and safety before use with students and children. This includes visiting any websites or previewing any music or apps that have been referenced in etiQit materials.
  4. Should you find an error or piece of outdated information in etiQit materials, please contact us.

In legal terms:

  1. Copyright & Reproduction
    All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Unless otherwise noted, no etiQit materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without express written permission of etiQit LLC, except for brief quotations or critical reviews. For more information, please contact etiQit. All associated logos and artwork are the exclusive property of etiQit LLC.
  2. Reproduction of Materials Exceptions
    Your purchase of an etiQit product is for single classroom use only. Reproductions and distribution may be made solely for one single classroom or one home setting. Specifically, etiQit grants limited rights to individual professionals working in the field of education (including classroom teachers, school psychologists, school counselors, behavioral and occupational therapists and exceptional learning professionals) and individual parents to reproduce purchased etiQit materials for single classroom or single home use only. Reproduction or distribution of purchased etiQit materials for an entire department, multi-classroom grade level, school, district, or other system is strictly forbidden, as is posting or sharing of etiQit digital files, links, or passwords online.
  3. Content Responsibility
    etiQit LLC does not have control or assume responsibility for reference authors or third-party websites and their content. At the time etiQit materials were made available for sale, all facts and figures cited within were current; all addresses and website URLs were accurate and active; and all publications, organizations, websites, and other resources existed as described. If you find an error or believe that a resource listed in etiQit materials is not as described, please contact etiQit. It is the sole responsibility of parents, teachers, and other professionals using etiQit products to preview all materials, including referenced website content, social media websites, music, or apps prior to use with students and children to ensure their age-appropriateness, and to actively monitor students’ use of the Internet.