The attention-grabbing design of the Extension Activity makes this material a student favorite! Perfect to use as homework, group work, or quiet desk work, the Extension Activity is designed to help students review and extend concepts learned in the Mini-Lesson. The Extension Activity in some Qits includes an optional QR Code Activity, in which students use a QR Code Scanner app and device to scan a QR Code in order to access a hidden, online web incentive.

Check out the Extension Activity from our fantastic FREE product, Qit 8: Being An Upstander, shown below. Then scroll down to learn more about the various Extension Activity formats and corresponding QR Code Activities.

etiQit Extension Activity Key Features

Extension Activity Themes
While the Extension Activity provides an awesome review of the Qit’s concepts (as well as introducing students to a few new concepts), the real showstopper is its design. Currently, there are 12 different Extension Activity designs/themes, all of which were inspired by apps, music, pop culture, social media, and tech trends that are popular with young people. To see pics and learn more about each Qit’s individual theme, visit etiQit’s TeachersPayTeachers store and check out the Qits below with the themes you are interested in.

  • Candy-Crush-Saga-Inspired Theme: Qit 2, Qit 17, Qit 24
  • Plants-vs.-Zombie-Inspired Theme: Qit 6, Qit 14, Qit 21
  • iTunes Playlist Theme: Qit 8, Qit 15
  • Facebook Theme: Qit 12, Qit 22, Qit 29
  • Twitter Theme: Qit 5, Qit 19, Qit 27
  • Texting Theme: Qit 1, Qit 11, Qit 13
  • Survivor-Inspired Theme: Qit 28
  • Personality Quiz Theme: Qit 26, Qit 30
  • Apocalypse/Futuristic Theme: Qit 25, Qit 31
  • Words-With-Friends-Inspired Puzzle: Qit 7, Qit 18, Qit 23
  • Acrostic Puzzle: Qit 4, Qit 10, Qit 20
  • Cryptogram Puzzle: Qit 3, Qit 9, Qit 16
  • Extension Activity Bonus: The QR Code Activity
    In addition to the awesome design, several Extension Activity formats also include an optional QR Code Activity, in which students must use a password (generated during their accurate completion of the Extension Activity) in order to access a secret, hidden, bonus web page containing a reward that relates to the social emotional skill they are learning about. To complete the QR Code Activity, students will need a phone or device equipped with a QR code scanning app, which most students likely already have. (If not, one popular free option is QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner.) It’s important to note that the QR Code Activity is completely optional, designed solely to motivate students to complete the Extension Activity with good effort and accuracy (so as to produce the correct password required to access the hidden bonus page). As it is not essential to overall learning of concepts in a Qit and is instead designed to be a fun incentive, the QR Code Activity can be eliminated altogether or assigned to be completed outside of class at the teacher’s discretion.

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