The first material in each Qit, the Mini-Lesson, is the content-rich “heart” of the Qit which includes the following elements:

  • an introduction to the specific social emotional skill of focus, including an explanation of why the skill is important to learn
  • six keywords and definitions
  • a brief writing activity to explore the keywords
  • a three-step strategy, broken down with specific details and examples
  • an explanation of how the skill applies to the online, digital world
  • a brief graph interpretation activity
  • a recap of the strategy presented
  • The Mini-Lesson is the only material in that Qit that is offered in two formats: a one-page, infographic-style printable format (shown directly below) and a projectable Prezi (scroll down further for an example). Note that due to space constraints, the printable Mini-Lesson does not go into quite as much detail as the Prezi. Give both formats a look to decide which one will best suit the needs of your students.

    etiQit Mini-Lesson Printable Key Features

    In addition to the cool, infographic-style printable format, every Mini-Lesson also comes in the form of a Prezi (for projection on Smart Boards or any projector connected to a computer). Not familiar with Prezis? In short, a Prezi is a digital presentation similar to a Power Point, but equipped with much more exciting viewing features such as zooming, turning, and perspective-changing which create an animation-like feel that is exciting and engaging…especially for tech-savvy students!

    Most people open etiQit Prezis with no problems whatsoever. They are incredibly easy to operate – – you really only need to know how to use the full-screen view and arrow keys! To view the Prezi, you will need an Internet connection and Adobe Flash Payer (which most computers are already equipped with, but can be downloaded here for free). More in-depth instructions on opening and viewing the Prezi are available on our faQ page). Check out the free Mini-Lesson Prezi below from Qit 8: Being an Upstander:

    For the best viewing experience, click the ‘Start Prezi’ button, and wait for the images to load. Then, click the Fullscreen button, the solid rectangle with lines around each corner shown at the far right in the black bar underneath the Prezi. This will enlarge the Prezi to the size of your screen.

    Ready to check out the second material in each Qit? Let’s move on to The Worksheet.

    To view a complete list of the materials included in all Qits, click here.