This is a preview of a Video Mini-Lesson on Multiple Intelligences designed by etiQit. The preview includes five different segments which are detailed below. Please note that in the full version of the Video Mini-Lesson (which is over 12 minutes long), there is more content before and after each segment you will see in the preview.

Watch the whole preview (it's just under 4 minutes long), or jump ahead to one of the following segments:

  • Start of video: Students are introduced to Albert Eintstein, who is featured throughout the video

  • 0:36: Einstein's genius quote is analyzed

  • 1:23: Big Question of the Day is presented

  • 1:59: Dance/Wiggle Break (so students can have a break before the next longer stretch of content)

  • 2:42: Intro to Multiple Intelligence Theory and the nine types of "genius"

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