Where do I find my Prezi?

Using Adobe Reader, open the PDF you downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers, and advance to page 4. Your Prezi link and password, along with tips on how to open it, are on that page.

How do I open my Prezi?

  1. Go to page 4 in your PDF. Click on the Prezi link listed in Step One.
  2. After you click the link to your Prezi, you will be prompted to enter a password. Your password is found on page 4 of your PDF, directly under the link you clicked to access your Prezi. Simply type in your password (all lowercase, no spaces). Then click the gray arrow in the Password box or hit Return on your keyboard.
  3. Your Prezi will appear -- woot! When you see the ‘Present’ button, click it. Then wait for your Prezi to load.
  4. Need help? Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it is to open your Prezi in less than a minute!

How do I operate my Prezi?

Check out this awesome video tutorial which shows you just how easy it is to operate your Prezi! Here are a few basic tips:

  1. After you enter your password to view your Prezi, your Prezi will appear. Press the 'Present' button, and wait 5 to 60 seconds for your Prezi to load (depending on your computer and internet speed).
  2. Once loaded, click the forward arrow on your Prezi (or on your keyboard or Smart Board) to advance thru the Prezi. You can use the backward arrow to move to the previous slide.
  3. To quickly advance thru the Prezi, click, hold, and drag the blue circle forward or backward. Slide numbers will appear as you drag.
  4. To return to the start of the Prezi at any time with just one click, click the home button, which looks like a house inside of a circle.
  5. When you’re ready to present your Prezi, click the full-screen button (which looks like two arrows pointing in diagonal directions) to view the Prezi in full-screen mode. This button will allow your Prezi to fill your entire screen for better viewing. To exit full-screen mode, press the ESC key, which is found on the upper left corner of your keyboard.

My Prezi is choppy and lagging. Is this normal?

Nope! Your Prezi should glide smoothly from slide to slide, and slides should load immediately without lagging. Try these tips:

  1. Restart your computer and then reload your Prezi
  2. Scroll through your entire Prezi, allowing each slide to load. Once you've advanced thru the entire Prezi, start over again at the first slide. (This technique works for slower internet connections or computer speeds.)
  3. Check your software: If your device can play a video, it should have no problem playing a Prezi. Adobe Flash Player (typically already installed on most computers) needs to be up to date to play a Prezi smoothly, and you can update yours here for free if needed.

Do the Prezi and Prezi Printable include the same info?

The essential pieces of information which students will need to understand the concepts and make sense of the other materials in the Qit are included in both versions of the Prezi (projectable slides and printable). However, due to space constraints, the Prezi Printable does not include a section in the Prezi called 'Break It Down for Me.' Take a look at each format to decide which will best meet the needs of your students.


What is a Qit?

A Qit (pronounced 'kit') is a mini-unit comprised of six unique teaching materials (plus an Answer Key) designed to help students develop a specific social emotional skill. To take a tour of a Qit and see what's inside, check out this video.

What is included in a Qit?

The materials in each Qit are low-prep, with little pre-planning and no extra materials required. Included in each Qit you will find:

  • Prezi : this content-rich heart of every Qit comes in two formats: a full-color, projectable slide presentation and a one-page printable. The Prezi introduces the specific social emotional skill, face-to-face and online strategies to develop the skill, vocabulary words, a writing activity, and more. The Prezi also introduces two characters, called the Goobs, who will be featured throughout the rest of the materials.
  • Worksheet : This material is uber flexible, perfect for use as a guided note-taking companion to the Prezi or as a group work activity, homework assignment, or quiz following the Prezi.
  • Strategy Practice Activity : It’s the Goobs’ time to shine in this content-rich short-answer activity, which helps students gain a deeper understanding of the strategy they just learned in the Prezi by seeing two Goobs applying that strategy to a problem or challenge they are facing.
  • Extension Activity : The show-stopping design of this activity (featuring apps, music, puzzles, social media and other trends popular with young people) has major appeal to students, whose understanding of the concepts learned in the Prezi will be reinforced and extended with new examples and applications.
  • Writing Activity : Students will reflect on the concepts learned throughout the Qit and apply those concepts to their own personal experiences in this activity. It can be used to encourage lively group discussions, but is also the perfect tool for individual assessment.
  • Real-Life Challenges Actvity : Through a fun checklist of challenges, this final student material of the Qit helps students apply the concepts and strategies they’ve learned to their own lives so that they may see and experience the strategies “in action."
  • Answer Key : Super organized and detailed, this guide includes everything you need!
  • Instructions for Use : Your Qit is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly so you can jump in and get started right away. But for those of you who want more in-depth info and ideas on how to use your Qit in your classroom and get the most out of every activity, check out the Printable Teaching Tips Guide.

Do I need to use the materials in my Qit in order?

The materials in each Qit build upon each other and were designed to be used in the suggested order. In the first material of each Qit, the Prezi, two characters called Goobs are faced with a social emotional problem or challenge. If the Qit materials are used in order, students will see the Goobs working through their problem (which is introduced in the Prezi, the first material) and ultimately resolving it (in the Writing Activity). Of course, you know your students best, so if an alternative order is more effective in your classroom, give it a try! As long as you use the Prezi first, other materials could feasibly be presented in an alternative order or be eliminated altogether, should you wish.

Where can I find teaching tips for how to use my Qit?

Check out this Printable Teaching Tips Guide for in-depth instructions on how to use each individual material in your Qit, as well as discussion questions and insights on how to keep students engaged!

Do I have to start with Qit 1?

You absolutely do not have to start with Qit 1, and can use any of the 30+ Qits in any order. The Qits are numbered simply for organizational purposes, and not as a suggested order for use. You will notice, however, that certain Qits work well together, as they share some similar concepts. If you're looking for multiple Qits with closely-related topics that build on each other, check out etiQit bundles, which are groups of three related Qits sold together at a discount.

What does 'F2F and Online' mean?

You’ll see the terms ‘F2F and Online’ on each material in your Qit. These terms refer to the fact that the skills taught in your Qit apply to both face-to-face (F2F), in-person social interactions, as well as online interactions (communicating via email, text, or social media). Since today’s young people spend so much time interacting digitally, the Qit addresses how to apply skills and strategies to both F2F and online social interactions.

The colorful creatures gracing the pages of each Qit are a motley crew we lovingly refer to as ‘The Goobs.’ The Goobs are presented with a problem or challenge at the beginning of each Qit, and must use the social emotional skill presented in the Prezi to work through it by the end the Qit. Following the Goobs on their journey of problem-solving and skill development not only generates intrigue and motivation for students to complete the Qit (in order to see what happens at the end), but also serves as a valuable model of how to apply the skills being taught to real-life problems and situations. In addition, the Goobs infuse the curriculum with pop culture references, urban language, humor, and a modern, youthful approach to relationships and communication which students can relate to and appreciate.

Where can I find a reference list for the stats in my Qit?

If you are interested in finding the source for a specific statistic, fact, or study included in your Qit, please contact me.


What is etiQit?

etiQit sound just like 'etiquette' -- but its focus isn't on manners. Instead, etiQit equips students with essential tools and strategies to promote their emotional health and personal safety so they may become positive contributors to a climate of respect, safety, and connectedness both at school and online. Students will be hooked by the infusion of technology, social media, apps, music, and pop culture in etiQit materials, all of which foster an interactive SEL experience designed to promote the social emotional health and personal safety of tweens and teens living in a connected, digital world.

etiQit's low-prep materials are perfect for teachers of specialty subjects (such as counseling and guidance, health, life skills, vocational education, character education, special education, and speech) as well as general classroom teachers looking for easy-to-implement SEL activities. Teachers of specialty subjects, such as guidance or health, may wish to purchase specific Qits to cover topics or standards they are required to teach. General classroom teachers, on the other hand, may wish to purchase Qits on an as-needed basis, whenever they notice students struggling with a particular social emotional skill that could be developed with the use of a Qit.

Are etiQit materials editable?

In order to comply with these license requirements and protect the art included in its products, etiQit materials are not editable, and will not be editable for the foreseeable future. However, if you have a request for an editable product, please send me a note and I'll be happy to see if I can help!

When you purchased this product, you purchased a single-user license good for a single classroom or home setting. If you only teach one class of students, please only use this product with your class. However, if you are a counselor or other specialist teacher who teaches more than one class of students, please feel free to use this product with multiple classrooms. As long as you are the one doing the teaching, you’re good to go! If you know teachers who would like to use this product in their classroom(s), please purchase an additional license (available at a discount) for each additional teacher. If you prefer not to buy additional licenses for other teachers, you can simply share the product link with them via email, text, or on social media instead, and they can visit my store and purchase it for themselves.

Since the single-user license that comes with etiQit products is only good for use by a single teacher (you!), please do not share or distribute any part of any etiQit product, including links or passwords to Prezis, in any of the following ways: printing and distributing copies; uploading it to a blog or website; sharing it via email, social media (such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube), or file-sharing sites (including your school or district website or servers); using any other electronic sharing device (such as a USB flash drive). Thank you for respecting my work!