Not sure what to say when you hear a prejudiced comment? Here's how to get started:

  1. Read about eight simple strategies for how to speak out against prejudices here: More Ways to Speak Up

  2. Choose one or two of the strategies that you would feel comfortable using in public.

  3. If you hear someone make a prejudiced comment this week, use one of the strategies to speak out against it.

  4. So, how did it go? Share your experience on the worksheet provided by your teacher. List the prejudiced comment you heard, the strategy you used, and what you said in order to speak out against it.

Nervous? Don't be. Prejudiced comments make almost everyone uncomfortable, so by standing up and speaking out against them, you'll earn the respect of your peers. Hopefully once you have the courage to speak up, others will join you. Good luck!

Source: University of Missouri Division of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. For more info, visit https://diversity.missouri.edu/.